Red Star Conspiracy
(Code Name Pearl)

Bet you thought the Cold War was over. Guess again. See what the commies are up to while the West has its attention elsewhere in this all new Code Name: Pearl story.

What's All The Hullabaloo?
(Code Name Pearl)

A mysterious entity known only as The Cardinal has appeared, threatening stability and world peace. After destroying mankind's first attempt to return to the moon by incinerating the landing craft and everyone on board, his own plans for capturing the high ground were thwarted. . . . .

The Lost Island of Dreams

Sailing out of Cadiz, bound for the New World. the little Caravel, Santa Spirito was enjoying a far easterly wind.

Hogtown Jaz

Jaz Diesel has blown into Toronto looking for work. Unfortunately, his reputation for violence and his unceremonious dismissal from the Montreal Police Force has limited his chances to start over. He's about to find out they don't call Toronto, "Hogtown" for nothing.


Also appearing in DRAMA, DRAMA is "HONEY", a story about a Hong Kong actress whose life is turned upside down by her many admirers. Some who are fans, some who are lovers and some who are dangerously obsessed.

A collection of short stories



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Steve LeBlanc

Steve LeBlanc is a Toronto based artist and writer. His past clients include Mackenzie Financial, Associated Wire Rope Fabricators and Cineflix. He has had the pleasure of working with three of Canada's pioneering independent writers. First with Dave Darrigo on the comic book, Tony Bravado, ORB MAGAZINE founder, James Waley on Ali-Baba Scourge of the Desert and most recently Mark Shainblum, the co-creator of Northguard on a science fiction story Ares Unbound. He also publishes his own comicbooks under the Via di Malcontenti banner with titles such as, Drama, Drama, The Lost Island of Dreams and Turista Menu. Currently he is working on a 142 page vampire graphic novel called BLOODLUST, written by Bryan Sullivan and the late Roger Slifer and will soon illustrate a chapter of a story created by Italian publisher and artist, Christian G. Marra for Passenger Press.


Bloodlust page 119

Still working on "Bloodlust" written by Roger Slifer and Bryan Sullivan..

Bloodlust pg 70

Working on this vampire story is bloody hard work. Page 70 from "Bloodlust" written by Bryan Sullivan and Roger Slifer. Illustrated by me.

Bloodlust page 63

Page 63 from "Bloodlust" written by Bryan Sullivan and Roger Slifer. Illustrated by me.

Bloodlust page 58

Pencils to another page from Bloodlust

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